This is Why India Has Become the Favorite Destination for Educational Trips!

Its taken a lot of time and a stable economic spurt for India to finally shed the image of a country of snake charmers and emerge as a destination with cutting-edge education, cultural ethos, English as the primary medium of instruction and students who are mentally, academically and emotionally prepared to take on the world.

It is little surprise then that we see a lot of students flocking to India for graduate and post-graduate studies. In fact, reverse brain drain is gradually gaining significance and coming into the spotlight.

There is no denying that India is slowly but steadily making its presence felt as an educational hub. As a result of this, we see schools, colleges and universities abroad designing special education trips to India.........

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Give Your Kids the Best Travel Stories to Tell This Summer

Yes the vacations are here! Are your bags packed yet? Did you make elaborate vacation plans? Most of us have hurried and hectic schedules. Its not possible for all to make detailed vacation itinerary. But the school holidays are here, and the kids want their vacation, and we at DesignerIndya want your kids to have thrilling and unforgettable vacations.

So dont panic! Forget the last minute travel jitters. Dont fret about the destination! Just pick any of the vacation ideas given below and have a fantastic holiday and super happy children!

We did quite a bit of research to bring to you these ten destinations and experiences that children simply cant have enough of. Read on to know which are they, and where you are going to be travelling this summer.........

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The Different Joys You Will Experience When You Visit Bhutan

The Kingdom of mountains and monasteries is a poetry in motion, an experience of a lifetime, a canvas of snow-capped mountains, and colourful fluttering prayer flags, a trekker’s paradise and a land of happy and hospitable people.

Bhutan will offer you many breathtaking experiences. You will be smitten by the pristine air and the purity of the land, overwhelmed by the magnificence of the Himalayas and the serenity of the valleys. But, there are some experiences in Bhutan that will transform your life and make you have the most unforgettable trip of your life. Want to know what are these?

Make yourself a nice mojito, curl up in your beloved bean bag and read on.........

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