This is Why India Has Become the Favorite Destination for Educational Trips!


This is Why India Has Become the Favorite Destination for Educational Trips!

Its taken a lot of time and a stable economic spurt for India to finally shed the image of a country of snake charmers and emerge as a destination with cutting-edge education, cultural ethos, English as the primary medium of instruction and students who are mentally, academically and emotionally prepared to take on the world.

It is little surprise then that we see a lot of students flocking to India for graduate and post-graduate studies. In fact, reverse brain drain is gradually gaining significance and coming into the spotlight.

There is no denying that India is slowly but steadily making its presence felt as an educational hub. As a result of this, we see schools, colleges and universities abroad designing special education trips to India.

Study tours and exchange programs are becoming increasingly common and this is giving an impetus to the education as well as tourism industry in India.Let us understand the reasons and benefits of educational tours to India and why the world is acknowledging India as an educational power house.

Dominance of English

English is a global language, and Indians embraced it with gusto right from the beginning. This puts us in an advantaged position. There are many countries in the European Union and Asia that does not have English as their medium of instruction.

Communication, cultural interaction and understanding falls short during organized educational tours and exchange programs between students in such countries. Such problems are practically vanquished in India owing to the dominance of English in the education sector, and thus it becomes a fertile ground for various study tours.

Hospitable and Friendly Locals

The warmth and affection that the country and its people display towards foreigners also becomes a primary reason why India is a hot spot for study tours. It is not easy to navigate through a country which is a treasure trove of customs, rituals, traditions and practices.

But Indians are a hospitable lot and make your stay and understanding of the local nuances and culture much easier and more fun. Lets just say you will return back from India knowing much more than the ubiquitous namaste.

Diverse and Kaleidoscopic Geography

Where else in the world will you see the highest mountains, the deepest gorges and valleys, extensive deserts, white sand reefs, coasts, beaches, archipelagos, dense forests, arid plains, fertile farmlands, gushing rivers, and so much more.

Our kaleidoscopic geography garners us many fans, gives us one of the most stunning geography and makes us figure frequently in lists of most beautiful places on earth. What this also makes us is a diverse land to study and observe, a reason we see many tourist and academicians flocking to India.

Medicine and Technology Powerhouse

India is the land of Aryabhatta, the inventor of zero which is the crux and basis of all modern Mathematics that we study. Sciences are rigorously practiced in the country. Check out any technology power house, whether its Apple or Google. You will find people of Indian origin at the top, and Indian scientists making path breaking technological research and advances.

The IITs (Indian Institutes of Technology) rank among the finest technology schools in the world. Some of the best doctors in USA and UK are Indians. Study tours to India are often made to study and observe the rigorous curriculum that gives rise to such brainy and enterprising students of medicine and technology.

Study Tours from US

With the USA and India ties strengthening from pillar to pillar and many Indians making their mark in the USA in diverse fields, there is a renewed interest in India in the US. Consequently, we see a lot of study tours from US to India.

This not only improves cultural and economic ties between the two countries but also puts India and its education in the global spotlight. Its said that what the US does, the world follows suit. We see an increasing number of countries organizing and interested in study tours to India.

Reservoir of History and Culture

Few countries in the world can boast of a tradition and culture as rich as Indias. India is a reservoir of history and culture, with its myriad rulers, multiple religious beliefs and varied practices, festivals and languages.

Students of History, Anthropology, and cultural studies cannot find a better subject than this beautiful and culturally seeped country.

What has also caught the worlds attention is Yoga and Ayurveda, two streams of healing that is serving as holistic cures to social and physical disorders alike.

Both have originated from India, and to understand it in its true form and interpret it in a way to derive maximum benefit, scholars, students of medicine, and tourists visit the gorgeous land of India. They all desire to educate themselves further in these traditional but powerful branches of life and medicine.

To Conclude,

While these are a few reasons that makes India a compelling and powerful educational destination, every individual and every institute have their own set of reasons and goals to take their odyssey to India and come back knowledgeable and enlightened. Are you planning an education trips to India soon? When and what will be your reason to visit this beautiful country?!