Study Tours to India

  • Delhi
  • Mumbai
  • Bangalore
  • Hyderabad
  • Kolkata

Indian growth rate is surpassing its competing countries. There can be no better place to learn and understand than the Emerging India. Grey matter of the young brains can be well exercised whilst their visit to India.

A group of students can have an evening with one of the business tycoons of India, a presentation by a Indian company CEO, visiting sites of special Interest Firms, Textile visits to support the Fashion Globe, an interaction with a Countryside Porter, or witness the delivery of thousands of lunch boxes from different parts of the city by a single firm and lot more…

We design special itineraries according to the area of interest of the students. However the top most visited Indian cities for an Educational trip are:-


  • Delhi : The Capital city of India with the Ancient Mughal Touch.
  • Mumbai : The commercial capital of India hosting the Bollywood Industry.
  • Bangalore : The Silicon Valley of India with the beauty of Nature.
  • Hyderabad : The City of Pearls, was historically known as a Pearl and Diamond Trading Centre.
  • Kolkata : The former capital of India during the British Empire.

The above mentioned city can be customised with other cities of interest.

We encourage Study Tour as a directed learning experience for a group of student participants. Embarking on site visits to their destination of choice, meeting with industry and government leaders, as well as local alumni. Through these visits, they are able to build on the preparatory course work with an in-depth exploration of industries, companies, and countries they have visited.